Hey there!

Welcome to my world! I’m Loren (pronounced like Sophia Loren). I’m an entrepreneur, mother, and unwitting comedian. In my free time, I enjoy clicking “Interested” on Facebook events I have absolutely no intention of showing up to. I’m sorry if it was ever your event. Blame it on my introverted personality.

Chances are if you’re reading this, you either know me personally or follow me on Facebook. Or someone you know shared this, WHICH IS GREAT! If anything I say here resonates with you- and I hope something does- please share it with others.

That brings me to why I’m here:

I’m a writer who decided to fully embrace her gifts and cease minimizing them. I decided to stop contributing to social media my time and talents with no return.

When I started this blog, I wrote the “About” page and neglected it for a full year. If you can relate to the temptation to play small or starting and stopping projects or goals that you want to accomplish, I invite you to come along with me on my journey to greater.

I want to make you think differently about your problems so you can grow into better ones. I want to make you laugh about things that once frustrated you by showing you that you are not alone.

My hope is that you feel activated, enlightened, and supported here.

My goal is to inspire you to daringly face and challenge your present nature while rising to meet your higher self and enjoying life through the process.

In this space, you’ll find Loren 2.0. I will chronicle my entrepreneurship journey, detail how I navigate motherhood and raising a teen, discuss dating as a 30-something, and share my love for family and friends- what I call the village.

The intent of this blog is that I can share my gifts, thoughts, and experiences with you in a more personal and authentic way. If you are on your own personal growth journey, this is for you. Let’s grow together.

Back to the purpose of this blog. So I decided to take a social media break [more on that later], and this is what happens. Social media has a different type of energy these days. I often find myself censoring my words to make them palatable for others. Have you ever found yourself having these thoughts?

Is this gonna sound unprofessional?

Does this sound harsh?

Will I be perceived as bitter if I write what I disagree with about this?

I wonder if this would be offensive. Hmmm…

Is this too much?

I intentionally left the section above and edited it with strike-through to show growth. Since I wrote it, I no longer even give my energy to what doesn’t resonate, and I don’t have the same worries. This is a space for authenticity. Here you will find me in my purest form. I hope that I can touch you with my words as well as be touched by you.

So please! Share, engage here, or use that contact button to write me directly to suggest a blog topic. Can’t wait to hear from ya!